Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an outstanding participant in affordable housing industry affairs by producing quality affordable housing in partnership with others, or as the lead developer, integrated with resident services.

Our mission includes identifying the needs of current and future residents of our properties and to provide services in partnership with third party providers as well as using our own resources.

Through on-site programs we will empower our residents to achieve economic and social stability. We will strive to strengthen our communities from within by training residents to become instructors and take a lead role in providing programs that will help their neighbors and communities prosper.

We will fulfill our mission by acting as a team supporting one another.

This mission statement was created by the PSCDC team on November 17, 2008.

Our Goals

PSCDC´s primary focus is the development and management of affordable housing, which is in high demand throughout the southwestern United States, particularly in the "border communities" of California, and Arizona. The development of affordable housing, presents significant challenges to society and the building community. Affordable housing cannot be built without subsidy - public and private - and the support of the local community. PSCDC understands and recognizes this formula as essential to the creation of successful affordable housing. PSCDC works with all levels of government, lenders, other non-profit corporations and community leaders in order to achieve its goals. PSCDC endeavors to increase community support and awareness through demonstration of the need for and the benefits of quality affordable housing.

Additional PSCDC projects will include self-help housing, commercial enterprise and other economic development activities that will provide permanent employment opportunities.

PSCDC complies with federal, state and local fair housing and civil rights administrative procedures. PSCDC does not tolerate any discrimination based on race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, age, familial status or handicap either towards its board, staff, partners, consultants or residents.


Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation is the Managing General Partner for low-to-moderate income apartment properties in California and Arizona. We partner with developers to build affordable housing that is financed by tax credits, Federal, State and Municipal funds. We also partner with private developers to buy existing housing projects and rehabilitate them and convert them to affordable use. For a list of our projects, please click here. We currently have 52 properties serving 5,496 families plus an additional 5 properties in planning or under construction as of September 2013.

We also provide a comprehensive selection of social services to the residents of our projects that are designed to empower the residents, strengthen the families and the community. Look at our services here.

Resources - PSCDC is resourceful in tapping into the service providers we need in order to fulfill our mission to our residents. PSCDC contracts with a large variety of service providers and individuals who assist us in our mission. We are interested in identifying sources of funding to either increase services or to continue to provide the current level of services. We keep paid staff to a minimum. Our Board of Directors is an all volunteer Board.

Our facilities at each property include community meeting rooms and computer labs that provide a place to deliver services to our residents. The large number of residents and the facilities we can provide are of great interest to many of the service providers we work with.

Many of the services are provided by resident instructors at each site, who are paid in the form of a monthly rent credit to teach classes every month. We currently provide about 588 classes at the sites each month for about 6,121 residents. We believe that by empowering the residents themselves we can reach more of the residents and provide a more relevant experience for them.

Organization - We have a small staff of full time employees who manage the volunteers and contract with outside service providers. Many functions are outsourced to reduce costs. We recruit and train many of our resident to provide services to our residents.

Networking - We are very interested in working with as many organizations as we can that have similar goals by sharing our capabilities. We work with health clinics to provide health screening to our residents, or school districts for after school homework help. We can provide the space in which to provide the services and encourage our residents to attend.

Programs - There are several factors that determine the services we provide at each site. First is the contractual requirement to comply with the service commitment made in the funding application for the project. These vary from project to project but typically include computer training, ESL, and tutoring. We also have the ability to provide substitute services if the original requirements are no longer needed. Ultimately, we try to respond to the needs of the residents who determine what we offer.

Political - PSCDC is committed to providing attractive, low cost affordable housing to the public. In order to achieve our goals we are actively engaged in the public, political and business arena in order to help shape public policy to ensure that adequate funds and support for inclusionary housing is forthcoming.


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